Types of coffee beans

The Taste of a Cup of Coffee Depends on The Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee is a favorite drink worldwide. The soft drink has a popularity for its nutrient value. So, people from all respects like coffee very much. Some take coffee as a hobby as to remove their morning frown and some for regular as to be addicted to the coffee. This is why coffee is a favorite drink for the people anyway. In the line, the coffee lovers are also conscious about the types of coffee beans. Because the tastes of coffee vary as per the species of the coffee beans.

Types of coffee beans

The type of coffee beans is a very important issue for coffee lovers. Hence, we are to come to the species of coffee plants. There are over 25 species of coffee in the world. But every species of the coffee does not come to the sight. So, almost 3 types of coffee plants are cultivated all over the country. The major three varieties of coffee are popular worldwide. They are commercially much demanded. Otherwise, the species of coffee very healthful to us.

Some Factors of Beans Make Your Coffee Tasty

Some factors are very important to discuss before identifying the type of coffee beans. The taste of coffee not only depends on the type of beans but also on other processing factors with the best coffee grinder. The major two types of coffee beans provide several types of coffee species. We call it cultivar or by-product coffee. The following factors are essentially considerable when we discuss the coffee beans.

The Species of Coffee Beans: We know the master varieties of coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta. The two types of coffee beans are special in taste, quality, and flavor. If you are a popular lover of this type, you enjoy the coffee as your own. Robusta takes less effort to grow. Otherwise, it intakes a bit more caffeine than Arabica. So, according to your choice, you can select one of the coffee beans you like best.

The Processing: However, there are two types of processing of green coffee beans are ‘washed’ and ‘unwashed’. The washed coffee takes the cherish color removed before drying the beans. On the other hand, the unwashed coffee does this after removing the cherish color. Unwashed coffee is available in Africa and Indonesia. It has good flavor and taste. Washed coffee originates from Latin America. It’s light and a bit fruitier in taste.

Geographic Cultivation: The types of coffee beans are generally depend on geographical changes. This is very important for coffee beans. The soil and geographical climate are the main factors in farming the coffee plant. Say, for example, the coffee from Ethiopia is high quality, good flavor and wine-like taste are very superior to the coffee lovers. And the coffee from Hawaii is a bit bitter and acidic. Again, the coffee from Latin America tastes fruity and floral.

Roasting Coffee Beans: Roasting beans is not an easy thing. It varies the count of caffeine and flavor. It has several levels of roasting. They are light, medium, half-city, full-city, and double. So, we should be careful about the quality of coffee before roasting.

Basic Types of Coffee Bean

Here we are detailing the three types of coffee. And the other types of coffee are cultivars of the major two types as Arabica and Robusta. Let’s know the types of coffee beans now.

1. Coffea Arabica

This species of coffee is very nutritious and healthy. Almost 75% of the coffee beans market is under its control. These coffee beans are very tasty. It has a good flavor. So, almost every shop of the coffee bean is filled with the type of beans. It generally grows in steep terrain lands. The cultivators take close nursing from the beginning of the plant to the coffee beans. Otherwise, they harvest the coffee by themselves. As a result, the quality of the coffee remains natural. Because there is no use of any technology. So, it is very tasty and popular worldwide.

2. Coffea Robusta

The coffee Robusta is another type of high nutrient coffee in the world. The coffee from Robusta beans contains high caffeine in it. Around 28% of the coffee beans market is for Robusta. The coffee is often used as instant coffee. The main origins of the coffee are Brazil, West Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Congo. The high caffeine in the coffee is very hygienic. So, none can bet its popularity worldwide.

3. Coffea Liberica Bull

The coffee Liberica is also a species of coffee beans. Its coverage is about 4% in the world of coffee lovers. This species especially grow in Malaysia, Ivory Coast, and Liberia. The steep terrain lands are very suitable for this type of species.

However, in need of time, there are many cultivars have been developed by specialists. The specialists mainly tried to boost the production volume of coffee, disease resistance power, or improve the quality of the coffee.

Species Types of Coffee Bean

Amongst all the coffee species, the two major cultivars of coffee Arabica are Typica and Bourbon. They are very oldest. They are the result of deep research of agriculturists. In history, we come to know that Asia and Latin America are a good place for Typica to cultivate. On the other hand, the Bourbon boost well in East Africa and South America.

In many types of research about coffee beans, it shows that the parent species of coffee are coffea Arabica and coffea Robusta. And the others are cultivars of the two species. The cultivar is a variety of plants developed from earnest research of something.

Below the Details About Cultivars (child species) Come From Coffea Arabica and coffea Robusta:

Baron Red: it is a type of coffee bean cultivar. The Baron Red is a member of Catui Red. Its drink value very nutrient. It grows mainly in the Hawaii islands. Otherwise, there is less or more cultivation all over the world.

Wild coffee: This is an Ethiopia native species of coffee. The coffee lovers around the world know as coffea racemosa lour. The wild smell of the is very lucrative. It’s also good for your health.

Blue Mountain: People generally know as Jamaican coffea, some as Kenyan coffea. The species comes from Arabica coffea. It is a cultivar of Arabica species. So, the taste of the coffee, no doubt is excellent. The high-quality flavor makes it a super drink as well. The nutty smell, beef bullion flavor, and high acidity are the common characteristics of the Blue Mountain coffee beans.

Coffea Brazilian: This species of coffee breeds from Bourbon and Typica. This is a cross-created coffee variety. It mainly grows in Brazil. It’s good flavor also attracts to the coffee lovers. It’s tasty too.

Bourbon coffea: It’s also coming from coffea Arabica. It is a result of botanical research. The cultivars variety keeps almost all tastes and flavor of coffee Arabica. The first attempt was to cultivate in a French island named Bourbon, now is Reunion. It grows plentiful in that region.

Caracol: Caracol is one of the rich types of coffee beans. Caracolillo is a Spanish word. It means seashell. So, the name also describes the coffee bean.

Catuai: The cross coffee bean of the Mundo Novo and Caturra. Both are coming from Arabica cultivars. The high yielding and nutrient species is well known to coffee lovers worldwide. The people call it yellow and red cherries. This is one of the super coffee beans in the coffee market.

Catimor: It is a type of coffee bean developed by a genetic engineer. It has a very nice yield. The quality of the coffee is good. The species is originated from Caturra and Hibrido cultivar. It grows well in Portugal and Timor.

Caturra coffea: The disease-resistant coffee bean has a boosting yield. This is also a variety of coffee Arabica. The coffee quality of the beans is very high and nutrient. The extra flavor of the coffee makes coffee lovers happy to drink.

Coffea Columbiana: the Columbian coffee beans are a cultivar of a variety of Typica. The production of the beans is very high. The flavor and the quality of the beans are also mentionable. So, it has popularity worldwide.


There are many types of coffee beans around the world. Every species of the coffee bean is keeping every type of taste alone. The major two types of coffee especially give the other type of coffee called cultivar. The taste of the coffee depends on the geographical climate. Otherwise, the soil quality is also a factor. So, to take a good taste of coffee, we all should be careful about the coffee processing system. The brewing, roasting, mixing are also the factors to make coffee tasty. In the marketplace, coffee lovers are looking for their favorite coffee beans. The most popular coffee beans have a lot of nutrient value. The nutrients of coffee help to lose weight, control diabetes, high pressure, low pressure, stroke, etc. So, for healthful manners, the use of standard coffee beans is unique.






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