Best coffee grinder for french press

The 5 Best Coffee Grinder For French Press in 2021

Coffee grinder for French press brewing method is running ahead in the track of the several more coffee grinder competitors. Because of the favorite ways of making a cup of Joe among baristas around the world. French press brewing method demands to brew precisely the ground of the coffee beans that offer magical taste in sips. If you want to walk the way that you are going to enjoy the best cup of coffee, a correct grinding process you need to know to experience it. Below, I’m going to trace ways that will help you grind coffee beans for the best coffee grinder for French press.Best coffee grinder for french press

Reviews On The Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

Flavor and taste of coffee brew rely on the quality of coffee beans. The higher quality beans will produce higher quality taste if they are ground well by the Best coffee grinder for French press. For the French press, there are some brand grinders featured well that are reviewed to help you pick up your own.

1. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Rancilio rocky espresso coffee grinderWe have found that you need a burr grinder to get the right sips of the French press brewing. 50mm capacity of Rancilio Rocky boasts a commercial grade grinding burrs and grinds directly into the removable portafilter.

The tinted hopper with much space of 0.65lb of capacity keeps beans visible when to start grinding. The silent operation will not make annoyance if you keep your baby asleep just near the Rocky Espresso.

The design at first seen you will love. This is also made with boasted features that fascinate French press lovers around the world. It’s one of the high quality and reliable grinders that brews for fair and fresh when you soak your lips from the excellent cup of Joe ground by the Rancilio Rocky Espresso coffee grinder. Plus, the settings allow you to control the coarseness you grind.

The powerful motor of 166 watts used for the Rocky is quiet and runs on the simple operation maneuvers. The consistency of the grinds is just excellent while the motor has a steady run during grinding the beans into Racilio Rocky Espresso.

Being a beginner of Rocky doesn’t stumble grinding beans for its easy operation. When starting with Rocky, it will prompt you the necessary steps that need to the perfect consistency of the grind. 12 months of service warranty will provide supports for the better use of the Best coffee grinder for French press. Baristas for home or office are delightful serving the cup of Joe that comes from Racilio Rocky Espresso.


2. Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza virtuoso conical burr coffee grinderBaratza Virtuoso is one of the popular grinders earned Specialty Coffee Association Award. Features are useful for coffee professionals who spend most of their time sipping coffee. The world-class support for Baratza Virtuoso is service-oriented that made the brand a venue for home baristas.

It’s more than a coffee grinder. A digital timer adjustable to a tenth of a second will help you read the time as faster as it grinds the beans for a drink. Moreover, a backlit grounds bin for making the serving dose of the ground of coffee consistently and accurately.

The commercial-grade conical burrs have 40 settings that allow you to make some different types of brewing methods in one. French press, espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, automatic brewers, and Chemex are the most popular brewing methods seen in the features of Baratza Virtuso.

If you want to get enlightened in the area of the coffee house, the stylish design is a right fit showing sculptured top and stable base of the grinder. This is modern and works in digital settings.

A powerful DC motor engineered in cleverly maneuvers makes no noise and the torque rotates without break giving the beans consistent for brewing. It ensures the longevity of the grinder. It makes users habituated to drink more and more cutting in precise measures of beans for the French press. A 1-year service warranty is enjoyable from the customer service when you will be able to travel them through any contact.


3. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza encore conical burr coffee grinderThe beginners find an entry-level grinder to conveniently grind beans for their French press at home. Baratza Encore conical Burr is the best-selling grinder. This is because of the compact design that sits on a small space anywhere in the kitchen. The base of the grinder puts a small footprint on the beneath as anti-slippage to protect it from the impact of the motor while grinding.

The design of the Encore puts the front-mounted pulse button visible and conveniently use. It also features an ON/OFF button to operate easily. So when you are finally prepared to grind coffee beans through the conical burr grinder, it automatically prompts you to the points what to do.

40 settings for the Baratza are helpful when you want to switch from one method to another. Also, the commercial-grade masterpiece of the grinder consistently grinds the beans on the setting you opt for. It’s great and demands to be seen by you in the row of other competitors in the market. The several settings for the several brewing are French press, espresso, AeroPress, Hario V60, automatic brewers, and Chemex.

Alloy steel is used to shell grinder for longevity. The powerful DC motor is hardly seen in the line of repairing queue. So this is a great coffee friend you can accompany while are tired with some traditional version of this sort.

Customer support is born for you. Whenever you want it to reply, it’ll be done well. And. It will do for one year under a limited service warranty. So no tension you are leaving back to consider for this model when you need it to make a cup of Joe at home. You are the famous baristas in your home.


4. OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

oxo brew conical burr coffee grinderKeeping the flavor of beans ground is one of the important issues you need to step while grinding beans for the French press. OXO Brew Conical Burr coffee grinder features the way you can trust for its uniform grounds and real flavor extraction.

There are 15 settings on the grinder that will allow you to enjoy the optimal taste that you prefer. You will be able to grind the beans for the particular type of taste if you adjust the setting accordingly. There are so many options left for you, depend on the demand you place on the setting by pushing the button on it.

Your last setting will continue to run the grinder until you switch to other options. If you use the settings randomly for the grinder, remember the last one. It will help you change the setting you need to grind for the time of grinding. Do not grind beans the way unknown to you.

OXO Brew grinder hopper has a capacity of 0.75 pounds of coffee beans. 110 grams grounds container serves up to 12 cups of coffee for the French press. This is enough for a person to meet the drink it needs to remove tiredness by the French press brewing method.

This is extremely prohibited to use water for cleaning inside the grinder/burrs. Or, it will not allow you to use any liquids to prevent inside from scratches.

One year warranty comes the way you will not suffer any defect of the grinder after a buy. The customer service is alert to respond to you with whatever your issue is. Repairing or replacement you can enjoy under the conditions on buying this.


5. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinders

Capresso 560.01 infinity conical burr grindersSteel conical burrs with designed for cutting the beans precisely into consistent grounds for the cups of coffee. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr grinder is a commercial-grade grinder. It attracts coffee professionals to smell natural flavor that comes from the uniform grounds of the beans.

The right setting will control the coarseness of the grinding from ultrafine Turkish to French press. You will have more options to choose for a certain type of grinding you prefer most.

The motor operates the coffee grinder machine hardly produces noise keeping silent the home environment. The built-in static design sits anywhere on the countertop best for making coffee for the crowd of friends and family. It grinds the beans slow making it perfect for the French press brewing method. This is among the best coffee grinder for French press.

The capacity of the grinder will not fall you in hesitation to cover the demand of people. 8.8 oz container will serve 4 oz of ground coffee to brew. So you will not look for the larger one hefty for the space to sit on.

The upper burr is removable. It allows you to access for easy clean. After several grindings, you need to keep it clean for longevity. If you clean it every after a period of use, it will not spread bad odors for the next course of grinding the beans. Rather, it will help you produce the right flavor of Joe.


Why you buy a French press coffee grinder for a home?

If you want your barista journey to be a successful mission through making some cups of Joe at home, there is no question—you need a coffee grinder for the French press. The beans ground you may have at many stores, but the quality you cannot believe for flavor and taste you want for the last sip of the beverage. So things have to deal with grinding coffee beans as your own. This is why you are looking for the best quality grinder for a steamed cup of coffee at home.

French press brew will not offer you for what taste you like best if there is a lacking of the pre-ground of the beans. Just before throwing it for brewing, you need it to be well ground to extract the real flavor. Moreover, the longest sitting of the ground beans will lose its natural aroma and oils that matter for delivering a perfect cup of sip in your drink.

For the French press, the beans need to be medium to coarse size compared to another popular espresso method. Between the sizes, the French press plays a tricky role to extract the core flavor and aroma from the souls of the beans. As a result, the consistent taste you can enjoy after effort for a few steps for your French press brewing method.

Some finely ground beans are susceptible to dive through the mesh filter you use for brewing. It’s just a pilling up some sediments and gritty coffee into your cup used to fill up for fresh coffee during brewing.

It will not happen for the devices for the perfect grinding for the French press. A branded grinder for the French press will extract the right value of flavor from the beans, brewing an increased taste of the cup.

A French press will compel you to consider about features before pulling your wallet out

You are determined to add a French press to your home appliances. So your preference for a certain grinder needs to be traveling through options for a stopover for your best match. The different models with different features will try to induce you to make you up towards them. But you will be stick on the way; do not make your turn—not reading below that I’m telling you about.

Types of Coffee Grinder You Need to Know

There are so many options left for your freedom to pick one up for a French press. The different types of grinding kits used for a grinder such as a block type, burr type, or blade type. And, for body construction—it may be made of steel or ceramic. This is where—you will come to know all about the detail you need to be easy to pick up. The coarse grind of coffee beans perfectly fuels French press to mix taste in the cup. On the other hand, unevenly ground beans are not extractive and do not steam out the flavor of the real taste of the French press method.

The blade grinder is cheaper than burr grinders. But burr grinder will not keep you away from the right cup of the French press. It will produce more than your expectation touching all-natural taste and flavor for which the method is popular in the baristas’ family around the world. A burr grinder is all in all while the consistent grinding size of the coffee beans is a staple all the way.

A blade grinder will cost you less, it is true. But of course, you will not want it like a spice grinder. The finely grinding means it will cut beans into pieces, slice up into fine grind. The fact is that a blade grinder is not perfect for the sizes of coffee beans. It will not scale-cut the beans as coarse as you need to make French press brewing. This is not the best grinder for the French press.

Block Grinder

The grinding quality of a block grinder is a bit higher than a blade grinder. The consistency of grinding beans of a block grinder is better than a blade grinder. This doesn’t mean you are smiling with block grinder for the French press.

So burr grinders are summed up for French press. It will maintain the quality size of the coffee beans. A burr grinder may come in either a conical burr grinder or a flat burr grinder. A conical burr grinder can be detailed the way that it has two cone-shaped burrs with ridges for grinding and crushing the coffee beans. So when the coffee beans come in contact with a burr, it crashes beans in equal coarse that are perfect for the French press.

On the other hand, a flat burr grinder features two sets of serrated rings of burrs to crush the beans coarse for French press. There is no pin-point difference for both conical burr grinder and flat burr grinder for French press brewing method. You will get to know more about the grinder reviews for the French press.

Distinguishing the quality of stainless steel and ceramic coffee grinder

If you spend much on a coffee grinder, it is common to get it to be long-lasting for home use. Either it is ceramic made or stainless steel. The ceramic grinder will not catch rust or corrosion. Even it will not change its color if exposed to heat and moisture. But heavy impact or shock resistance matters its life to heading longer. Nevertheless, this is a good piece and grinds beans for the best cup of beverage.

No doubt, stainless steel composite-made construction has a wide range of demand for its sustainability in the crowd of a huge number of coffee grinders. Water and oxygen cannot react to this material resulting in a highly corrosion-resistant. Rust is a far Mars even it is exposed to moisture.

Unlike ceramic, stainless steel is a bit weak to a hot environment cutting its lifespan shorter than ceramic. Moreover, the glossy look of the stainless steel may be exposed to heat and scratches. But it will never bend its head to minimize impacts and is bonding for a long way with the world’s renowned baristas.

Your preference—Manual grinder or electric grinder?

This is optional, but your strong interest will compel you to pick the best grinder either it is manual or electrical. If you choose a manual one, you have to operate it with a hand crack. A manual or hand grinder is comfortable while this is much quieter than that of an electric one. It is also cheaper than an electric grinder. Moreover, you can take portable advantage of the manual grinder. You can put it into your backpack while traveling out. The fewer parts of the manual grinder will ease cleaning after use. However, there is little hassle to suffer while setting up your mind for a manual coffee grinder for home.

On the other hand, only looking at the clock is your job while the electric grinder keeps grinding the beans according to the settings on it. It is very much faster than a manual grinder. The motor power grinder is responsive to the touch of the button to get it started grinding. It’s expensive, but it costs you fewer efforts than a hand-driven coffee grinder. Most people like it due to having coziness of making French press at home.

The setting you should know

There are many options for a grinder while grinding coffee beans for French press brewing. So this is important to know all the settings for the best cups of coffee of the French press.

The different settings are for different grinding. If you want to enjoy a certain taste of French press, the particular setting you have to operate based on your option. French press brewing method allows a variety of grinding for coffee lovers.

Hopper Capacity

  • Consider the size of the bean hopper, which impacts how much coffee you can store and grind at once in the grinder.
  • When considering hopper capacity, think about how many cups of coffee you’re likely to be brewing at once.
  • If you are generally making coffee for a few people at once, the best grinder French press for you will be one capable of grinding enough coffee for everyone in one go.   If you tend to brew a single cup French press, hopper size is not so important.

Grinder Size

  • It is important to consider how much space you have in the kitchen for your grinder.  The grinder should ideally be set up on your coffee station close to your coffee machines.
  • The best manual grinder for French press takes up next to no space at all, while some of the electric grinders can be a bit bulkier.
  • Be sure to consider this, to avoid getting your grinder home, only to realize you don’t have enough counter space.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • If you end up with a coffee grinder that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then you won’t love it and might stop using it altogether.
  • Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy it, so you know how involved the process will be.
  • The more features and components the grinder has, the more likely it will need more time to clean.

The Bottom Line

The guide on the best coffee grinder for French press has included some important points you need to know. Along with reviews of the grinder for French press, it includes side-information for your better comprehension about an ideal grinder. The review section will hint you the features a grinder needs to have. So step by step the features discussed for the grinders that are popular in the market. If you have less knowledge about it, see them in-depth to grow your concepts for the transparent view of a grinder.






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